Sporicidin – Proven 100% KILL

Kill MRSA Kill Mold Sporicidin® is a full spectrum disinfectant – bactericidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal – with proven 100% kill.

All Sporicidin disinfectants are alcohol-free and provide “continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to six months”.

Sporicidin Disinfectant Products

The active ingredient system in Sporicidin® Antimicrobial Lotion Soap is classified by the FDA as a “Health-Care Personnel Handwash.” “Wound Cleanser” and “Surgical Scrub”. The soap is an effective skin antiseptic and deodorant. It kills up to 99.9% of disease and odor-causing organisms.

Sporicidin Disinfectants are EPA registered for mold remediation, air duct Mold MRSA Disinfectant
and carpet decontamination. They provide “100% kill of pathogenic, vegetative organisms” and “continuous residual bacteriostatic activity for up to 6 months.” EPA Registration number 8383-3.

Benefits of Sporicidin® Disinfectants
  • “Effective against mycotoxin-producing molds, including Stachybotrys, Chaetomium arid Aspergillus”
  • Effective for sewage backflow odors and cleanup
  • Recommended for misting and fogging to control dust, odors and microbial contamination
  • EPA registered for hospital disinfection
  • FDA cleared for disinfection of hospital instruments and equipment
  • OSHA compliance with Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • Registered in all 50 states, including California
  • Non-corrosive to surfaces including plastics, latex, vinyl, glass, wood, metal, and porcelain.
  • Non-flammable, non-staining, alcohol-free
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals like bleach, o-phenylphenol and cholrine dioxide nor oxidizing agents.
  • Reduces the hazards of cross-contamination
  • Mildly alkaline (pH 7.5)
  • No special shipping or disposal requirements


Sporicidin has been used in hospitals and pharmaceutical clean rooms since 1978 for disinfection of instruments, equipment and environmental surfaces. It is currently being used “on a regular basis” by the Pentagon as “a valuable tool in providing disinfection to our environmental surfaces” and by NASA on the International Space Station.

Sporicidin® Applications:
  • Mold remediation for commercial and residential buildings
  • Staph infection Cleanup – KILLS MRSA
  • Cleaning HVAC air ducts
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water and flood damage restoration
  • Decontaminating and deodorizing carpet, upholstery, furniture, books, and art – kills the microorganisms that cause odors
  • Decontaminating respirators, personal protective equipment and restoration equipment
  • Biohazard and crime scene cleanup
  • Misting and dust suppression
  • Disinfection of instruments, equipment and surfaces in hospitals, medical and dental offices, and pharmaceutical clean rooms – Sporicidin® has been the medical disinfectant of choice since 1978.
  • Recommended for use on wood, glass, tile, rubber, vinyl, plastics, and metals. Sporicidin® does not inhibit the adhesion of paint